• Benefitting The Ronald McDonald House of Philadelphia


Supporter Spotlight – Valerie & Paul Melhado

When first asked to a put pen to paper I wasn’t sure where to start. There are so many great memories over the years of this wonderful charity race and how one person’s dream and vision has grown each and every year. Many years ago Valerie and I made the trek from Long Island to Maple Grove to drag race. Being from out of town we were welcomed by many of the racers and staff and immediately felt a bond that has grown constantly. Denny Parisan was one of the first racers to come over and share his advice and knowledge with us and a friendship was born. Several years later Denny had a dream to start a charity race and we were onboard immediately. It started with a small field of racers and with his dedication and genius vision has become one of the seasons most anticipated events. What started as a small race on a Saturday has now evolved into Friday night’s DogFest thanks to Kathy and David Batchelor and the race now has 200+ racers all giving from the heart. This is just not a drag race it’s fellowship with a common goal of giving back to a wonderful cause. We have been blessed to be a part of this race from its inception and have met some wonderful people over the years. It amazes me how generous everyone is, from the staff at Maple Grove working for no pay to the racers who continually donate to the toy drive, go kart racing, dinners, breakfast and money all year long without wanting any recognition. With 100% of all donations going directly to families in need Valerie and I encourage all of you to spread the word and come to out and support the Race4thehouse events.

Valerie & Paul Melhado with their Super Pro Grand Am