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Supporter Spotlight – Dave & Kathy Batchelor

Kathy and I got involved a number of years ago with Denny, helping him support his efforts with the race 4 the house. Along with 2 other racers, Phil Mollicello and Brad Givler, we sponsor the 1st place prize of super pro winner of $1,000.00 with the hope that this prize will attract more competitors which bolsters the entry fees/donations that end up going directly to the Ronald McDonald House.

9 years ago, we started having a party the Friday night before the race to try and get more people to attend the race. Mike and Melissa Nessinger, Tom and Sandy Ressler, and Kathy and I started with about 20 people total. Last year we had well over 250 people attending our little party. Now affectionately called “DOG FEST” we have help now from all the original crew and now have added Neil Cromwell and Jennie Kettering to our roster of chief cooks and bottle washers. With some many people attending, we get a extremely large amount of help with food donations and others have joined in helping us run the DOG FEST party. Every year we put out a donation jar and collect money thru out the weekend. All the money collected goes right to Denny for the House.

We do have additional plans for this year (top secret plans)! So stay tuned and watch for more press releases on what’s going to happen at this year’s party. Thanks to all who have made the R4TH a success!

Dave + Kathy Batchelor

We Won! 2019 R4TH Super Pro

We Won! 2019 R4TH Super Pro Eliminator.